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Dual Language

Goals of Dual Language Education

Dual Language education programs have 3 core goals:

  • Bilingualism and biliteracy
  • High academic achievement
  • Cross-cultural knowledge and awareness


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Benefits of Dual Language Education

A person who speaks, reads, and writes in two languages:

  • can communicate with family and community members who do not speak English.
  • has access to more career possibilities in the United States and in the world.
  • understands and values their own culture and other cultures better.
  • ultimately experiences greater success in school as shown by research.

Academic Achievement

  • Research suggests that bilingual children function intellectually at a higher level than children who speak, read and write in one language.
  • Although children in dual language programs may score lower on standardized tests in the early grades, research shows they score higher than peers learning in one language by their high school years. For this reason, dual language education requires a long-term commitment from students and their families.

Parent Support

Parents can support their children in many ways:

  • Communicate to your child that both the first and second languages are valuable.
  • Use both languages if you are able to. It is important to try to maintain the language of instruction while helping your child with homework but if you are unable to, you can ask your child to teach you what they have learned about how to do homework. If you feel that you are unable to support your child with their homework because you do not speak or read the second language, please talk to your child’s teacher about ways to make your time helping your child successful.
  • Have materials in your home in both languages such as books, videos and music.
  • Read aloud in one or both languages and have your child read to you in both languages.
  • Attend as many school functions and workshops for parents as possible.
  • Get involved with your child’s school! East San José has a Parent Learning Center and a Parent Liaison who would love to help you sign up to help out at school functions or in your child’s classroom.