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About the Health Office

If a student becomes ill or has an accident at school, every effort is made to notify parents, so it is very important that your contact information is current at all times. The East San José ES Health Office will provide basic first-aid and a place for your child to rest while waiting to be picked up. We will collaborate with teachers, counselors and staff to provide holistic services that incorporate the child, family and community in the delivery of care. The Health Office provides vision, hearing, dental and general health screenings, immunization compliance, care of acute illnesses, and a safe and comforting place to rest when feeling ill.


A doctor’s order and a parent signature must accompany medications taken at school. Authorization forms for the administration of medication during school hours are available in the Health Office. For over-the-counter medications, a parent signature is required on the authorization form which is also available in the Health Office. If over-the counter medications will be required longer than 5 days, a doctor’s order will be needed. For any medications, a week’s supply should be sent with the student in the properly labeled container from the pharmacy. Unlabeled medication in anything other than the pharmacy container cannot be accepted. These APS policies are for the protection of our students. Thank you for your cooperation.

Aps Student Accident Insurance

Student accident insurance forms are available at registration time and parents are strongly encouraged to purchase this insurance even though it is optional. East San José Elementary School is not covered by liability insurance.

Child Protection

State law requires all state employees, which includes East San José Elementary School staff, to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. If there is a restraining order, a divorce decree, or a protective custody order for any member of the family involved with your child, please bring it to the office so a copy can be made and attached to your child’s records. We want to ensure the safety of all children, therefore we must have a copy of any legal documents.

Access Your Child's Shot Records

Did you know you can now print your own vaccination records on the VaxView N.M. website. Access this website and enter the information requested; then download the document and/or print.

About VaxView N.M. enables individuals, parents, and guardians to access, save and/or print official immunization records. This eliminates the need to carry multiple or outdated documents, and allows you to access your shot record anytime you need. is mobile friendly and uses two-factor authentication. Please ask your child's immunization provider to be sure to enter your correct contact information in to "NMSIIS" when recording the vaccine. If the site does not work for you, it is because it do not have your correct information. If this happens call the NMSIIS Help Desk at 1-833-882-6454.

School Nurse

Judith Ledford, MSN, RN

Contact Information

Available Monday - Friday 12:15 to 4:00 pm. 

Phone: (505) 764-2005 ex: 47034 Fax:  (505) 764-2007

Health Assistant

Lisa Vega

Employee Title

Educ Asst: Health

Employee Contact Information

School Email

Phone: (505) 746-2005 ex: 47035

Health Resources

UNM School Based Health Center

A UNM School Based Health Center (SBHC) is located in the East San José Elementary School building next to the Health Office. Students can be seen with parent consent on Tuesday and Friday mornings, 8 am to 12 pm. The SBHC can be reached at 505-244-0334 or through the SBHC website.

The UNM SBHC provides the following services:

  • Health Education
  • Annual Well Child Exams
  • Case Management
  • Illness and Injury care
  • Healthy Weight Guidance
  • Dental clinic